Tools and tailored services to optimise
reach and engagement in healthcare.

What We Do

We provide proprietary tools and tailored services that help health care organisations to reach the right people and to optimise that engagement. This partnership approach results in an ongoing ability for our clients to convert their relations into long-term favorable behavior.

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Solutions For Health Care Companies

Unique Tools

Optimise Reach

Better quality and more efficient access among Health Care Professionals (HCP)

Optimise Engagement

Relevant messaging to enhance customer focus and to communicate patient benefits

Optimise Conversion

Improved impact on prescription behavior and increasingly informed influence for preferred products

Customised Services

Optimise Data Collection

Gathering of rich data about Health Care Professionals (HCP) together with expert processing, resulting in online dashboard

Optimise Analysis

Transforming data into management insight on an ongoing basis, resulting in actionable and measurable decisions

Optimise Collaboration

Partnering to create concrete actions and supporting with expert advice to empower accountable real-time implementation

Why Engage With Us

We offer experience gained through more than 51,000 engagement surveys, including over 1,500 in the pharmaceutical sector, with an exclusive focus on Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Our technology leadership enables tools and services that are highly sensitive to local cultural and market nuances. We also help to devise actionable decisions and to deliver accountable implementation.

What Clients Say

“Leveraging the sophisticated sensitivities embedded in the OPTIGAGE tool, we can actionably support our sales reps in their customer focus, and in doing so, we help our sales team to continue to outperform competitors and to stay ahead in a dynamic environment.”

“The flexible and highly customised deployment of our MCME tool on a regular basis is key for management’s measurement and understanding of employee satisfaction. It also allows us to further our work force’s engagement while increasing motivation among

“The OPTIGAGE consultants are deeply involved in the sustained success of our customer engagement strategy. We also value their ability to partner because they fully understand what is actionable and accountable in our highly regulated pharmaceutical sector.”

“These senior consultants stand apart, particularly through their deep understanding of the drivers of engagement. What’s more, they draw on experience and fundamentals from fast-moving consumers goods, which transfers powerfully into our business-to-business sector.”