How to convert professional healthcare
contacts into long-term favorable behavior.

Multichannel Index

Optigage offers a variety of products and services for both quantitative research and the co-creation of multichannel action plans. They are all based on the Multi Channel Index® model, supporting MarCom managers in developing and deploying effective and successful multi-channel strategies and plans.

The model focuses on providing insights into 3 key questions:

  • Are we using the channels that are preferred and are we putting enough pressure behind those channels to effectively reach the HCPs?
  • Are our channels meaningful and relevant for HCP's, in order to generate impact & engagement?
  • What messages do HCP''s recall and are those messages consistent with their own perceptions and experiences?

And: are we performing better or less well than our competitors?

The better a product’s impact and (channel + message) engagement, the higher its MultiChannel Index.

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Patrick Deroost

Founder, Strategic and multichannel communication expert

Manuel Bollue

Founder, research, co-creation with target groups & clients

Jasper De Groote

Data manager, market access expert

Michiel Teck

Project mgr, expert in quanti research design & deployment